TWS2 - Computer Business Applications 2

Spring Term Marking Period 1

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Marking Period 1 ASSIGNMENTS
Due Date
Feb. 8 - completed---------------
A1 - Excel Assignments 1 - Intro to Excel
Feb. 12 - completed
Excel Screen Parts Quiz
Feb. 22 - working on
A2 - Excel Assignments 2 - Formulas & functions
Mar. 8
Technology and Health

Feb. 8
HW#1 - No homework will be accepted late!
Feb. 15
Mar. 1



A1 - Portfolio (50 pts) -DUE Thursday, Feb. 9
1 - Resume (25 pts)
  1. Create a new folder and name it Portfolio
  2. Save this resume in your Portfolio folder
  3. Open and modify it to reflect YOUR INFORMATION and print it. Use spell check! Check your spelling and grammar!!! Make sure proper nouns begin with a capital letter!
2 - Cover Letter (15 pts without letterhead 25 pts with professional looking letterhead)
You might apply for job through a web site and email or through the mail. When you apply for a job, it's customary to send a cover letter stating what job you are apply for and an argument for why they should interview YOU for the job!! You are trying to "sell yourself" and get the interview. Below are two sample cover letters: via email and via the mail.
  1. Save this email cover letter example to your Portfolio folder, open and read
  2. Let's pretend you are applying for a job ad you saw at Google New York whose address is below:
  • Ms. J. Issac
  • Vice President of Technology
  • Google New York
  • 76 Ninth Avenue 4th Floor
  • New York, NY 10011

Save this example of a cover letter you would send by mail to your Portfolio folder, open and modify it:
  • Put your name and address at the top
  • Put Google's address in the recipient section (recipient =who you are sending the letter to).
  • FOR FULL CREDIT - Create a professional looking letterhead at the top with your name, address, email and telephone number. For examples, look in Word templates, our textbook or on the web.

A2 - Professional Email (25 pts) -DUE Thursday, Feb. 9

  1. You should, by now have an professional email account that has your full name in the address. If not, create one.
  2. From that professional email account, send me an email ( with the following attached:
    • your resume
    • the cover letter to Google that you did above
Introduction to PowerPoint class exercise, save and open (This class exercie is NOT graded.):

Using the document above, view each of the below PowerPoint Presentations. The titles are on the first title slide of each presentation.

A3 - PowerPoint Assignments to be Graded:
  1. A World Beneath the Waves - Open book to page PPT5 (yellow tab section)- Follow the instructions (red bullets) from PPT4-PPT65
  2. Protect Your Good Name - PPT82 - Follow the instructions (red bullets) from PPT85-PPT131
  3. Apply2-1 Lifestyle: Save, open and follow instructions on PPT132
  4. Make it Right 2-1 Safety: Save, open and follow instructions on PPT 135
  5. Lab 2-1 Ear - PPT136
  6. Lab 2-2 Tree Pests - PPT138
  7. Home Energy Savings Tips - PPT142
  8. Create an account on, look for any tutorials and examples of a prezi presentation. Create a prezi about yourself that covers the following points:
    • Your parent's ethnic background - include maps of countries/states, etc.
    • Favorite foods of your culture
    • Popular customary clothing or sports of the culture(s)
    • Popular music of the culture(s)
    • One more slide - topic is your choice
Have you completed the following?


Assignment 1 - WWW Knowledge - 2 parts = 14 pts.
World Wide Web Knowledge (WWW) (5 pts.)& Social & Ethical Issues of the WWW (9 pts.)
Open, Save and Do:

DUE DATE Thurs. 2/9/2001
EMAIL it to me as an attachement by due date: -
Type your FULL NAME in the subject window of the email!!!!

ASSIGNMENT 2 - Desktop Publishing Total = 13 Points
Textbook: hard covered, spiraled, black & tan Computer Applications
1. Cablecom
gs 319-320
Save As:
2. Indent Text, Line Spacing, Symbols and Shading

Pgs 321-322
3. Columns
Pgs 197-198
4. Custom Width Columns
Pgs 199-200
5. Tables
Pgs 201-202
Computer Viruses
6. Tables - Merging Cells
Pgs 205-206
Cash Flow
7. Tables - Vertical text
Pgs 207-208
8. Block Letter & Tables
Pgs 219-220
City Computers
9. Desktop Publishing – Text boxes, shadow affects, page border
Pgs 294-295
10. Watermarks
Pgs 323-324
11. Improve on Zoo
Pgs 292
12. Watermarks, Autoshapes and more
Pgs 329-330
13. Mixed tools
Pgs 325-326
WWW Confer
14. Tables - borders & shading
Pgs 200-211

When you are done with your assignments do DDC Training for the MOS Certification Exam.
Assignment X (Ax) MOS Certification Practice Assignments (28 questions)
  1. Go to the DDC icon on your desktop and open.
  2. Create a new account using your full name and your 9-digit student ID as the password.
  3. Click on Windows XP, NEXT
  4. Click on Training Exam, CORE & WORD
  5. Take the test.
  6. Show me each part you complete. There are 23 parts.

ASSIGNMENT 3 - Excel = 18 Points
EXCEL Vocabulary = 1 point
You will begin on page 353.
  1. Create a document and Save As: Excel Vocabulary.
  2. Each time there is a Concept Builders blue box on the page, add the new word and its definition in a numerated list (numbered list).
  3. There should be at least 27 words defined.
EXCEL Spreadsheets = 17 points
  1. Pg. 356-357 Right-click on the first tab and rename it to say: 1.2 invoice
  2. Pg. 358 Rename next tab: 1.3 payroll
  3. Pg. 359 1.4 sales
  4. Pg. 360 1.5 income
  5. Pg. 361 1.6 fixit
  6. Pg. 362 1.7 exam
  7. Pg. 363 1.8 team
  8. Pg. 365-66 2.9 invoice (copy & paste the 1.2 invoice spreadsheet and continue to update it)
  9. Pg. 367-68 2.10 income (copy & paste the 1.5 income spreadsheet and continue to update it)
  10. Pg. 369-70 2.11 sales (copy & paste the 1.4 sales spreadsheet and continue to update it)
  11. Pg. 371-72 2.12 payroll (copy & paste the 1.3 payroll spreadsheet and continue to update it)
  12. Pg. 373-75 2.13 balance
  13. Pg. 376-77 2.14 sales (copy & paste the 2.14 sales spreadsheet and continue to update it)
  14. Pg. 378-79 2.15 fixit
  15. Pg. 380-81 2.16 income
  16. Pg. 382-83 2.17 advertising
  17. Pg. 387-388 2.18 exam

Assignment 4 (A4) - Career & Financial Management

Save & Open

Assignment 5 (A5) - Practical Life Web Research Skills
Life Skills

Open, Save and Do:

Denza Quiz
What is your IQ according to the Denza Quiz? Denza Quiz
Try these Brain Teasers: Brain Teasers

Extra Credit - Photoshop Challenge
Photoshop is used to edit or create images.
View some examples of photoshopped images: images
Look at some Photoshop tutorials: photoshop tutorial and try one. Save your image and show me for extra credit.
Assignment Goal: Put the head of yourself or someone else on the body of someone or something else.
  1. Go to: Start-->Programs--> Adobe Photoshop CS and create an image in Photoshop
  2. Find and save a picture of yourself, a friend or celebrity. Open it in Photoshop.
  3. Find and save a picture of what you want to put the head on. Open it in Photoshop.
  4. Cut the head off of the first picture using the Marquee tool.
  5. Use the move tool and drag and drop it onto the body of the second image.
  6. Press <ctrl> + T (transform tool) to resize the image.
  7. Try to make it look convincing.