Class Preparation

Create a class folder to save classwork
  1. Create a NEW FOLDER class folder: Computer Applications I
    • Create a shortcut to the folder and put it on your desktop but never but never but the real folder on the desktop.
  2. Use Google Chrome in this class. Create a shortcut on your desktop to Google Chrome.
  3. Everyday you will go to the TODAY'S WORK link - bookmark it & put on your toolbar.

Sign on to your JupiterGrades - CONTACT INFO QUIZ = 10 pts.
  • update your contact information so that it is current.
  • If you don't know your password, I will give it to you.
  • Quiz grade of 10 points if your parents sign on to jupitergrades with their own password and update their phone and email information.
  • They must send and email to stating that they have updated their contact information. They must state your FULL NAME for credit.