Digital Citizenship

Aim: What is digital citizenship?

Step 1 - Class SignUp for Digital Citizenship

Step 2 - Complete the appropriate three (3) slides for each completed module in

Step 3 - Blog about each module's topic and add relevant multimedia (images or videos)

Ignition Modules

The Ignition – Digital Literacy & Responsibility
course consists of seven learning modules, each with pre- and post-assessments, as well as a capstone interactive game, called My Digital Life. Each learning module lasts approximately 30-45 minutes each, for a cumulative course time of 4 to 5 hours.

The outline below shows the concepts covered in each part of the course:
Module 1 – Choosing a Computer
  • Choose software and hardware based on specific needs
  • Advantages/disadvantages of open-source software & cloud computing
Module 2 – Wireless Communications
  • Different types of phone features, applications & capabilities
  • Cellular network transmission, coverage, & service
  • Dangers of using phones while driving
  • How shared media can go viral
Module 3 – The Viral World
  • Consequences of computer viruses & how to protect against them
  • How to recognize, protect and resolve identity theft
  • How to set up secure online profiles
  • Digital addiction & technology overuse
Module 4 – Internet Resources and Credibility
  • Primary vs. secondary research
  • How to verify source credibility
  • Identifying & avoiding plagiarism; how to cite sources
  • Using school technology responsibly

Module 5 – Creating Multimedia Products
  • How/when to use certain multimedia programs
  • How to create and share media
  • How to avoid piracy, copyright infringement & intellectual property violation
Module 6 – Digital Relationships and Respect
  • Understand the signs and consequences of cyberbullying
  • Strategies for helping & preventing cyberbullying
Module 7 – The Future of Technology and You
  • How technology is used in different careers
  • Explore career and academic paths
My Digital Life
  • Apply digital literacy knowledge and skills in real-life gaming scenario. The goal is to organize and promote a concert.