Formulas, Functions and Formatting in Excel

You have $10,000 to invest.
Visit the site below, create an account and do research to determine what stocks you want to buy.
Remember $10,000 is the limit!
Create an Investment Portfolio at this site


Add a new excel spreadsheet to your workbook above and label the tab: Stock Club
At the end of this exercise, your spreadsheet will look like the example on page EX 83
Follow the instructions on page EX 90 - Entering Formulas

Silver Dollars Stock Club
Apply Your Knowledge
Complete the Car-B-Clean Profit Analysis sheet.
Download & follow the instructions on pages EX145-EX147
Car-B-Clean Profit Analysis
Extend Your Knkowledge
Complete the Biology 201 Midterm Scores.
Download & follow the instructions on pages EX 147
Biology 201 Midterm Scores
Make it Right
Complete the El Centro Diner Payroll Report.
Download & follow instructions on page EX 148
El Centro Diner
In the Lab 2 Balance Due Worksheet - EX 151 - EX 154 (Part 1 & Part II)
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