Financial Literacy

Aim: What does it mean to be financially literate?

Assignment Goal - learn about the following topics:

Financial Literacy Terms ( H & R Block Budget Challenge)
Financial Literacy Videos
Financial Literacy Test

Financial Literacy Topics:

  • saving
  • banking
  • payment, interest rates and credit cards
  • credit score
  • financing higher education
  • renting vs. owning
  • taxes and insurance
  • consumer fraud
  • investing


  1. Download the Financial Literacy PowerPoint file below.
  2. Open and save it to your Computer Applications II folder.
  3. Complete the title slide & "What I Know about Savings" slide for the first topic: Savings
  4. Sign Up for online training --> Class SignUp for financial literacy courses
  5. Watch the Overview and start the Banking lesson & Update your "What I Learned about Savings" slide during the video.

  6. Complete the "How can I apply this information in my life" slide.
  7. Do a Blog Post on each topic. Include images and/or videos on the subject.
  8. Let me know when you are done with a topic before repeating the above for the next topic.

Download this Financial Literacy PowerPoint & save it to your Computer Applications folder

Assignment Overview
  1. You will be given online instruction for each topic.
  2. BEFORE each financial literacy topic:
    • make sure you complete the "What I Know" slide for each topic in your Financial Literacy PowerPoint
    • you will get a pre-assessment (test) to find out what you know and you may work with a partner to take this assessment
  3. AFTER each financial literacy topic:
    • make sure you complete the "What I Learned" slides for the topic in your Financial Literacy PowerPoint - pause the movie to add to these slides as you go.
    • you will get tested on what was taught and this grade will go in your gradebook. You may work with a partner post assessment.
    • you will do a Blog Post on each topic.
  4. Two days per topic. We will have a class discussions on each.
  5. At the end, you will enhance your Financial Literacy PowerPoint slideshow. Open your slideshow and do the follow:
    • choose a theme
    • add multi-media
    • make sure all text is easy to read, consistent and follows the 7 x 7 Rule ( no more than 7 bullets per slide and no more than 7 words per bullet).
  6. In a separate Google Drive presentation file - Pick two(2) topics on financial literacy that were important to you. Create a presentation on just those two topics with a partner (one topic each). Make it comprehension and engaging. You will be sharing it with the class.

DetailsFirst NameLast NameSavingsBankingPayment, Interest Rates, and Credit CardsCredit ScoreFinancing Higher EducationRenting vs. OwningTaxes and InsuranceConsumer FraudInvestingCertified?

Financial Literacy Discussion