Career & Financial Planning Assignments

Financial Literacy Activity Sheets
  • Download the "CFM Unit Assignment" and SAVE it to your class folder
  • Upload this document to your Google Drive at the end of every class to save it.
  • Open the unit's "HSFPP Student Guide (.pdf)"
  • Read the guide and follow the instructions in the assignment.
  • All answers are done in the assignment document provided below and sent to

Unit 1- Your Financial Planning
CFM Unit 1 Assignment

Needs, Wants and Values - Bean Game

Unit 2- Budgeting
CFM Unit 2 Assignment

Sample COOP Paycheck

Unit 3 - Investing
Introduction to Unit 3
Do Now:Open a word document and save it as DO NOW. Put today's date and answer the following:

  1. When someone says the word "investment", what's the first thing that comes to your mind?
  2. List everything you know about investments.
  3. List everything you know about a bank savings account and Certificates of Deposit (CDs)?
  4. List everything you know about a government savings bond.
  5. What's the difference between saving and investing?

Example of a Mutual Fund in the Technology Sector at Fidelity Investments

Create an Investment Portfolio if you have not done so already.

A4 - Unit 4 - Good Debt, Bad Debt

Introduction to Unit 4

How much will it cost you to borrow? Click here and find out.

A5 - Unit 5 - Keeping Your Money Safe

Do Now: List ways you can be a victim of identity theft.

  1. Watch Video: How Identity theft works & be ready to name one way you can protect yourself from identity theft.
  2. Open the student guide file below and go to page 73. Detail ways your identity can be stolen online.
  3. Answer the questions in exercise 5I on page 74.
  4. Read page 75.

A6 - Unit 6 - Insurance: Protecting What You Have


Teacher Resources
Finance in the Classroom


Unit 1- Money Management - Control Your Cash Flow

goal setting – decision making – spending plan & budget – money management tips

Unit 2- Borrowing - Use - Don't Abuse

Assignment 2: - VIDEOS: Create a new Word document and SAVE AS: Videos

Watch the following videos.

Save & Complete:

application process – loans –credit cards – costs – credit score – debt – rights & responsibilities

Unit 3 - Investing - Earning Power - More than a Paycheck

earning potential –career plan – life stages – employee benefits – take-home pay – lifestyle

Unit 4 - Investing - Money Working for You

savings – investing – goals –options – risks & rewards – time value of money – diversification – plan

A5 - Unit 5 - Keeping Your Money Safe - Financial Services - Care for Your Cash

account types – fees –service options – transaction tracking – automation – identity protection

A6 - Unit 6 - Insurance: Protect What You Have

risk management – costs – claims – insurance types – coverage decisions – insurability factors

Student Presenting Each Unit Project:
  1. Read the assigned unit below. Be the expert on that unit's topic.
  2. Create a PowerPoint presentation on the topic.
  3. Be prepared to present your topic thoroughly to the class. Know your topic! Be the expert!
  4. Create a 10 question multiple-choice test in Google Drive.
  5. Share your test with
  6. Create a new page on your wiki's navigation bar name: <your financial planning unit> For Ex: "Budgeting"
  7. Edit your new page.
    1. Upload your PowerPoint Presentation
    2. Embed your test widget.
    3. Show me your wiki page for credit.
  8. If you do all of the above well, you will get a 85-90. If you clearly go above and beyond the basic requirements of this project you will get a 90-100.
    • One way to get the 100:
      • Upload your presentation to (click on VoiceThread/Simply speaking),
      • add audio
      • share it with
      • put it on your wiki

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