TWS21T - Computer Business Applications I

Mrs. Butera

Share assignments in Google Documents or Drive with for credit.
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Marking Period 3 ASSIGNMENTS

Due Date
Jan. 2 -------------------
Your Wiki Project - Email me the link to your completed wiki so I can post on our "best wiki" vote page.
We will be vote on the best wiki for a prize and recognition!!
Jan. 16
Survey Project - I will be grading it on Thurs. Minimum of 10 replies required for a 65
Jan. 18
5 PowerPoint assignments

Dec. 14
Dec. 21
HW#2 - ALSO Complete your wiki over the break if you did not finish in class. You will be graded when you return.
Jan. 4


Maria Noor - Octothrop = the symbol #


HW#1 - WWW and online learning - Due 12/19

A7 - Formulas, Functions and Formatting in Excel- DUE JAN. 17, 2012

Complete the following 4 assignments using this workbook:
1. Complete the Silver Dollars Stock Club. See final example on page EX83. Follow instructions on pages EX87-EX136
2. Complete the Car-B-Clean Profit Analysis sheet. Follow instructions on pages EX145-EX146
3. Complete the Biology 201 Midterm Scores. Follow instructions on page EX147
4. Complete the El Centro Diner Payroll Report. Follow instructions on page EX148
5. Show me your finished work for credit.

A - Communication Skills
Do Now:
  1. Describe a situation when a debate might occur spontaneously.
  2. Explain when and why their might be a debate on T.V.
  3. Why would a teacher give their class an assignment that involves having a debate? State the benefits of participating in a debate.
You will work in pairs to prepare for a debate. Each pair of students will present a position on a controversial topic and try to persuade the class to take their position.
Save an open for assignment details:

Done on Wed. 12/14/11

A5 - Creating Excel Worksheets and Charts

Teams take ExcelEX3Quiz first

Complete the following Assignments:

Sign on to your wikispaces account and request to join this class wiki
1. You will create this Excel worksheet: See example on page EX3. Follow instructions on pages EX17-EX54
Save As: Walk & Rock Music

2. Follow instructions on pages EX70-EX71 Use this file:

3. Follow instructions on pages EX72-EX73 Use this file:

4. Follow instructions on pages EX73-EX74 Use this file:

5. Follow instructions on pages EX74-EX75 In the Lab1 SAVE AS: Konas Expresso Coffee

6. Follow instructions on pages EX75-EX76 In the Lab2 SAVE AS: Scissors Office Supply

7. Follow instructions on pages EX77-EX78 In the Lab3 SAVE AS: College Cost & Financial Supplement Worksheet
8. Follow instructions on page EX79- Cases and Place SAVE AS: Hit-the-Road Mobile Services
9. Follow instructions on page EX80 SAVE AS: In-the-Villa DVD Rental


Team Challenge 1 -
  1. Open the "Spoke-Up Bicycle Shop" Excel Spreadsheet from the last assignment.
  2. Create a chart that displays all the sales income for the Burr Hills Bicycle Shop
  3. The chart should display what percentage of the Burr Hills Bicycle Shop's income was from repairs.
  4. Create a chart that displays all the sales income for the Hillside Bicycle Shop.
  5. The chart should display what percentage of the Hillside Bicycle Shop's income was from repairs.
  6. Your spreadsheet should display the data and the two charts below.
  7. EACH MEMBER OF THE TEAM MUST show me the spreadsheet in PRINT PREVIEW in LANDSCAPE view for credit.
  • First you must select only the data needed to answer the question. You will produce 2 charts
  • You have to select the chart type that will help you to display the answer. Hint Hint: Which chart will visually show you what part of the whole repairs are???? The "whole" meaning all the ways in which the bike shop gets income. Repairs in one way in which revenue (income) is generated.
  • Once you create the chart, right-click on a "certain area" of the chart and look for "data labels". Pick the data label that will display the answer to the question.
  1. Take a screenshot of you Excel spreadsheet in Print Preview
  2. Take it into Paint and crop it so only the information that you want shows
  3. Save As file type: .jpg
  4. Put this image on your wiki on a page named: ChartWork
Team Challenge 2 -
Each member of the team must do these steps. Help each other to get it done.
  1. Go to
  2. Create a new account (SAVE YOUR LOGON AND PASSWORD in a word document or send it to your email and save it)
  3. Create a form and give it the Title = School Survey.The intent of this survey is to find out how many student like or dislike school.
    • Last Name (text & mandatory)
    • First Name (text & mandatory)
    • Sex (Male/Female multiple choice, mandatory and should be an either/or choice - can't choose both - can't be both male & female)
    • Do you like school? (Yes/No multiple choice & mandatory)
  4. Logon to your wikispaces account, go to your wiki and create a new page called Survey - Hint: Edit Navigation and add a link by this name.
  5. Put the survey on the Survey page of your wiki.
  6. Send me and email ( with the link to your wiki's survey page.
  7. Take the survey yourself.
  8. In the column for your Period, click each link and take the survey:
  9. Go back to survey monkey and find out the results of your survey. In a word document, Title= School Survey, Team members names at the top, answer the following questions:
      • How many students took your survey?
      • What percentage like school?
      • What percentage dislike school?
      • Can you make any other conclusions from the data?
      • Are the results what you expected? Each teammate must give their answer.
      • Create a pie chart to display your results and put it in the document. Go to Take a tour/Analyze results/Charts & Graphs
      • Is there anyway to display the answers by male and female. How many females like school? How many males like school?
      • Can you put that chart on your wiki's survey page under the form? If so, take a screen shot of the page and put it in the word document as proof.
  10. Print and hand in the work document for credit.

Assignment 1 - Create a PowerPoint Presentation on your Career of Choice
Use your Career Research Report to Complete this PowerPoint Template.
  • Main points only!!! No paragraphs Follow the 7x7 rule= no more than 7 items in a list per slide and no more than 7 words per list!
  • Good text size and contrast! Must be able to read the words from a distance during a presentation.
  • Slide Transitions - it must not jump from slide to slide....apply a transition
  • Images - Use images to make your point and for visual interest. Remember: "one picture tells a thousand words".
  • Animation Schemes - Make text and/or image move on or off the slide.
  • Animated images (animated gifs) are fun....use some!
  • Add sound when appropriate or have music play during your presentation (can you figure out how to do this for extra credit??).
  • and more..... apply yourself and be creative! Look at what some other students have done (see references)

Visit: MyComputer/431 Public P: Drive/Butera/BDK1/ PowerPoint folder to see example of student past work.

PowerPoint Project Grading Rubric:
Organization of Content & Visual Presentation (text formatting & layout)
Special Effects
(slide transitions, animation schemes, sound)
Spelling & Grammar (content, correct slide titles and list formatting)
Supporting Elements (images, charts, graphs, tables)
Demonstrated extra effort in doing this project.
Total Points

Assignment 2 - How do we send an email with an attachment?

SEND ME YOUR CAREER POWERPOINT via your email account.
  1. Open up your email and select NEW or COMPOSE to send me an email. Fill in the following windows:
  2. TO:
  4. Click on ATTACH or ATTACHMENTS to attache and send me your career PowerPoint Presentation (Click on the ATTACHMENT click, browse for your career presentation, select it and OK)
  5. Type a message in the message area and send it off to me.

Assignment 3 - Create a VoiceThread account and publish your Career PowerPoint on
This is a CRITICAL THINKING/PROBLEM SOLVING assignment. You need to figure out how to do this without my assistance. Pretend the boss asked you to do this and YOU need to figure it out ON YOUR OWN!
VoiceThread allows you to:
  • upload and publish to the web a PowerPoint presentation
  • add audio (your voice) along with doodling, images, videos and more.
  • allow others to view and comment on your presentation
  1. Go to:
  2. REGISTER (create an account). PASSWORD: Use your student 9-digit ID
  3. Click on MyVoice and view the tutorial VoiceThreads on: "Doodling", creating a VoiceThread: "1 Minute VoiceThread", Commenting, etc.
  4. Click on BROWSE to see other VoiceThreads that have been created.
  5. Click on CREATE and UPLOAD to upload your career PowerPoint to VoiceThread
  6. Click on PUBLISHING OPTIONS (at the bottom) and check ALL boxes and SAVE
  7. Click on the MyVOICE tab (at the top) to see the Career PowerPoint you just uploaded.
  8. HOMEWORK - Add audio/voice and doodling from home as if you are presenting your PowerPoint presentation. When you are ALL DONE uploading and adding audio, email the link to your VoiceThread
    1. Open up your email and select NEW or COMPOSE to send me an email. Fill in the following windows:
    2. TO:
    4. Message: Paste your VoiceThread link (copy the URL in the address window of your VoiceThread and paste it here)
Please give your comments to our first complete Voicethread by Torvel: Torvel Career VoiceThread
Assignment 4 -
Part I - Create your own resume
1. Open the Benjamin Okamoto resume and Save As: <Your Name> Resume
2. Modify the resume to reflect yourself: change the name, address, email, telephone number and remove or modify all other information
3. Remove all information that does not apply.
4. Change: Education - Expected Graduation Date: 2013 Curtis High School, Staten Island, NY and REMOVE all other education information
5. REPLACE "Areas of Concentration" with SKILLS
Skills should be modified to say:
  • Window 97
  • Word 2003
  • Excel 2003
  • PowerPoint 2003
6. Work Experience - delete what's there, put your own (if you have any) otherwise type: None to date
7. Delete all the information on the right-side of the resume that does not apply to you. Leave it blank and maybe you can add items before you finish high school. It's important to join clubs, teams and do volunteer work to grow as a person AND make your resume more robust (fuller...more life experiences).
8. Delete OBJECTIVE row
9. Delete FAX information line
10. ALL PROPER NOUNS MUST BE CAPITALIZED. Use Spellcheck before you email it to me.
10. Save it. (50pts.)
11. Email me your resume:

Part II - Create a E-Portfolio on wikispaces
  1. Do a Google search on portfolio and E-portfolio - know what they mean.
  2. You will use wikispaces to publish your E-Portfolio. Wikispaces allows you to share/publish information about yourself and more.
  3. DOWNLOAD, RUN/INSTALL Google Chrome and use it instead of Internet Explorer 6 to do this assignment (Wikispaces does not support Internet Explorer 6)
  4. WIKI ASSIGNMENT: Click here for the wiki assignment.
  5. Email the link to your wiki to me at:

Assignment 5 - Your VoiceThread Comments on: What Makes a Good Teacher?
Visit the VoiceThread link here and comment on "What Makes a Good Teacher?": VoiceThread
Give it some thought. Name, at least, 2 things that a teacher does that makes them a "good" teacher. Your comment should be meaningful.
Webcam = 10 pts. - full credit
Audio = 9 pts.- You can use your phone or the computer to add audio
Text = 8 pts.

Assignment 6 - Excel Review - HAPPY NEW YEAR START OF WORK!!!
Download and OPEN this Classwork Review Sheet to do together in class as practice:
Assignment 6 = 4 worksheets to be saved in 1 workbook named: Excel Review. Get them from me. Open Excel and save the blank workbook as: Excel Review.
Type each worksheet in on it's own worksheet. You can rename each tab by right-clicking on it or create a new worksheet (Insert--Worksheet) as follows:
  • To create a new worksheet/tab --go to: Insert--New.
  • To rename each worksheet/tab: right-click on the tab at the bottom of the worksheet and select rename OR double-click on the tab and then rename it.
  • Name each tab the name of the excel worksheet assignment.

Open Word and define the following business vocabulary.
Save as: Business Vocabulary
  1. Inventory
  2. Stock
  3. Sales
  4. Expenses
  5. Profit
  6. Wholesale
  7. Retail
  8. Markup

Open a new excel workbook and create each of the following on there own worksheet.
Do them in order. Save workbook as: Worksheets (Total=6pts=100%)
Worksheet Number
File Name
Worksheet 1
Fun-N-Sun Sojourn
Worksheet 2
Marvin's Music
Dollar Bill's
Worksheet 3
Illiana Custom Homes
Worksheet 4
Fife's Finer Furniture
Magic Theatre
Assignment 7 - Denza Quiz
What is your IQ according to the Denza Quiz? Denza Quiz
Try these Brain Teasers: Brain Teasers

Assignment 8 - Photoshop Challenge
Photoshop is used to edit or create images.
View some examples of photoshopped images: images
Look at some Photoshop tutorials: photoshop tutorial and try one. Save your image and show me for extra credit.
Assignment Goal: Put the head of yourself or someone else on the body of someone or something else.
  1. Go to: Start-->Programs--> Adobe Photoshop CS and create an image in Photoshop
  2. Find and save a picture of yourself, a friend or celebrity. Open it in Photoshop.
  3. Find and save a picture of what you want to put the head on. Open it in Photoshop.
  4. Cut the head off of the first picture using the Marquee tool.
  5. Use the move tool and drag and drop it onto the body of the second image.
  6. Press <ctrl> + T (transform tool) to resize the image.
  7. Try to make it look convincing.

A Presentation About Yourself
Create a PowerPoint presentation about yourself. It should contain a title slide and, at least, 7 slides about yourself. Suggested slide topics:
  • Background - Where you were born? Where have you lived? Where are your parents from?
  • Culture - What is your ethnicity or family's culture or background? Tell us about the foods, holidays, music, dress or traditions your family follows.
  • Family - How many people are in your immediate family? What do your parents do for a living?
  • Memorable moments in life - Ideas: vacations, fun times together with friends or family, school events, church events or other
  • Educational Impact - What were your most memorable educational experience?
  • Most Difficult Moments in Life - What have been your most difficult challenges in life?
  • Inspirations - Has anyone in your life inspired you in any way? Do you have any role models?
  • Goals for the future
Make sure you:
  • Main points only!!! No paragraphs Follow the 7x7 rule= no more than 7 items in a list per slide and no more than 7 words per list!
  • Good text size and contrast! Must be able to read the words from a distance during a presentation.
  • USE Tools--Check Spelling!
  • Slide Transitions - it must not jump from slide to slide....apply a transition
  • Images - Use images to make your point and for visual interest. Remember: "one picture tells a thousand words".
  • Animation Schemes - Make text and/or image move on or off the slide.
  • Animated images (animated gifs) are fun....use some!
  • Add sound when appropriate or have music play during your presentation (can you figure out how to do this for extra credit??).
  • and more..... apply yourself and be creative! Look at what some other students have done (see references)

  1. UPLOAD IT TO VOICETHREAD and title it: "About Me"
  2. Set it to SHARE
  3. Email the link to your "About Me" VoiceThread to me at:


3 - Debate
You will be assigned a debate topic. You will create a PowerPoint presentation and present it to the class.
Choose a topic:

Sample Debate Topic Outline:

4 - Technology Impacts

- "About Me" using
How do you verbally present yourself?...Well, this assignment will give you some insight.

- Around the World in Windows Movie Maker

15 - Independence - You're an adult now!

Podcast Assignment -- future assignment

1. FOUR NEWS of the WEEK

Create a word document and Save As: Weekly News MP3

  1. Read each news at the link provided by me.
  2. Write a personal comment about the news: What is your opinion? How does this news affect you or anyone you know? Does is create jobs, create job loss, change the way you might do things, what you might buy, how you view things, your security, privacy, personal rights, buying power or something else?
You should have entries for the following weeks of :

5/3/2010: Arizona's new immigration Law. What is your opinion? Advantages? Disadvantages? How will it affect businesses in Arizona?

5/10/2010: Text Blocker: **** Good or Bad?

5/17/2010:Privacy Issues: Is our private data in the digital age? What is the problem? What is the solution?

5/24/2010: Technology helps to deliver all the "stuff" we have. What impact does it have?: What is this story about? How much of the information here is new to you? What does it make you think about? Will it affect your habits?

2. Two - How Things Work : 100 Points

Create a new word document. Put your name, class and date in the header.

Save As: How Things Work - MP2

You will read about 2 computer technologies and write about them.
  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Computers .
  3. Choose a topic and read about it.
  4. In your word document, type the title of your technology topic.
  5. Below the title, give a brief description of how it works or list 3 new things you learned about this topic. Use the spellcheck tool. Spelling and Grammar count!!! Take pride in your work! It's a reflection on you!

3. Final Word Assignments:
1. Robot Product Assignment: 33 Points
2. Cybernews (page 431 in Orange textbook): 33 Points
3. Study3: 33 Points

5. Excel Worksheets: 100 Points

Worksheet Number
File Name
Worksheet 1
Fun-N-Sun Sojourn
Worksheet 2
Marvin's Music
Dollar Bill's
Worksheet 3
Illiana Custom Homes
Worksheet 4
Fife's Finer Furniture

Excel Salary worksheets: Download to MP3 folder and open.
Review for Excel Test

EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT - if you complete all the above assignments and this one, you will get a 100 on your report card
Find a famous entrepreneur and write a brief biography about their life (minimum of 3 paragraphs). Include:
1. the name business
2. web site address
3. picture of the web site’s home page
4. type of business
5. how the business started
6. an estimate of wealth
7. location of main headquarters
8. what countries do they have stores
9. number of employees
10. revenue earned
11. charities the company supports or donates to

Document formatting requirements:
  • Single space and use 12pt font size.
  • Double space between paragraphs
  • Tab indent the front of the paragraph.
  • Include a bibliography page providing the source(s) of your information.
  • Use SpellCheck to check grammar and spelling count. Proofread your work!

NOTE: TEST ON FRIDAY 3/5/10 on technology terms - Study Sheet:
external image empty.png
external image empty.png
BDK1 Terms Student Study Sheet.doc

  1. Create a folder in your "My Documents" and name it " Computer Business"
  2. Create a folder inside that called MP1 - save ALL Marking Period 1 work here for the class!
  3. GOALS: Download and save this sheet to your class folder. Open and pick three goals for yourself this term. Memorize and work towards them!
    external image msword.png
    external image msword.png
    Student Goals to Consider (B).doc