Aim: Why are public speaking skills so important?

Goal: Understand the importance of public speaking and how to become a better public speaker.

ASSIGNMENT#1Complete this Introduction to Public Speaking Assignment

TERMINOLOGY: Public Speaking Terminology/Vocabulary

Goal: Learn how to be a better public speaker by observing others publicly speaking

ASSIGNMENT#2 - Public Speaking Critique Assignment

Goal: Focus on our public speaking weaknesses and try to improve on them

Improve your Public Speaking Skills by listening to your audio recording of a speech.
  1. Open the **Public Speaking Grading Rubric**
  2. Highlight in red two skills that you are weak in
  3. Highlight in yellow two skills that you are strong in.
  4. Practice reading Abe Lincoln's famous Gettysburgh Address speech
  5. Using headphones & the Audacity recording software to listen to yourself and improve on your weaknesses in preparation for presenting in front of the class.
  6. We will switch seats after 15 minutes and grade each others recorded speech using the rubric that is already opened.
  7. Take feedback and redo with improvements.

One minute speech topics:
Talk 1 minute about something that you are very interested in like a hobby.
Sell Yourself - introduce yourself to a perspective employee. Tell them why you're special and why they should hire you. Sound up-beat and enthusiastic.
About me - introduce yourself and tell us something that we don't know about you that makes your different or unique
Impromptu Speaking - I will assign a topic that you have 5 minutes to prepare to talk about.

Objective: Improve our public speaking through practice and peer critique
  1. Read this list on 10 tips to improve your speaking voice.
  2. Listen to this podcast on how to project your voice
  3. Public Speaking Exercise 1
More Exercises
  1. Share news that they read for homework or otherwise
  2. Answer impromptu questions
Using our public speaking skills terminology list above, identify skills that they did or didn't exercise.

Impromptu Speaking
Impromptu Speech Topics1
Impromptu Speech Topics2
Impromptu Speech Topics3

Presentation Grading Rubric - no oral component

Public Speaking Activities
Seven Highly Effective Public Speaking Activities

Public Speaking Tips:
How to improve your public speaking skills.