Research Papers & MLA Formatting



Open these MLA Research Report Instructions

& download this draft:



Download this draft:



WD 133-

WD 134



Aim: How do we create an MLA formatted research paper?
Do Now:

  • Go to your Google Drive and open your VOCABULARY document
  • Put today's date at the TOP
  • Copy and paste the text BETWEEN the horizontal lines below the date.

How to Create a Research Paper
  1. Watch this video: Why do you need to include citations in a research paper? and explain why you need to include citations in a research paper.
  2. Read: How to Format Your Research Paper.
    • What should your page margins be?
    • What should your font size?
    • What should your line spacing be?
    • What should your paragraph indentation be?
    • Are these all default settings in MS Word? If not, which one isn't?
  3. Watch the first video below and explain where you go in MS Word (the tab and group) to insert a citation and a bibliography in your paper.
  4. Watch the second video below and explain the connection between plagarism and NOT including citations in your report.
  5. In MS Word, is the bibliography page automatically generated from all the citations you created in your document?
Share your vocabulary document with for credit
Watch two videos:
  1. How to create a citation in MS Word 2010 - Watch this video on how to create and insert a citation in MS Word 2010
  2. Academic Integrity and Plagarism
Define the following words:
  1. double-spaced
  2. heading
  3. header area
  4. report title
  5. citation
  6. subscript
  7. superscript
  8. footnote
  9. bibliography or works cited or references page
  10. hyperlink
  11. hanging indent

Examples of MLA formatted papers: