Aim: How can we market ourselves and get a job?




What is a resume and how can we successfully market ourselves in life?



Create a resume
Downloading this template & modify it.


Marketing Yourself with a BUSINESS CARDCreate a personal business cardOpen a new Word document
  1. Go to: New-->Template
  2. Choose a business card template
  3. Save As: Biz Cards in your class folder
  4. The card should have the following information on it:

<put your full name here><your full address>Staten Island, NY 103xx<your email address><your contact number>
Add a professional head shot of yourself. Use MS Paint to crop it and save as a .jpg OR get an small image from the web that relates to you (a sport, hobby, interest, etc.)COPY &PASTE THE above information on all the business cards in the template.
Can you find any web sites that create business cards for free?


Marketing Yourself on the Web
How can you market yourself on the web?


Complete Interview preparation and finding a job


A grade students must complete: COVER LETTER EXAMPLE

A cover letter is usually sent along with a resume when you apply for a job. The main purpose of the cover is to convince the company that you are the person for the job. To market and sell yourself!
Open MS Word and create the cover letter shown on page WD147
Follow the step-by-step directions on page WD150
Save As: Cover Letter Example

Aim: How can you prepare now to increase your chance for college admission and employment?

Topic Introduction DO NOW:
In a Word document saved in your folder as: DO NOW, copy, paste and answer the following questions. Use the web to search for the answers.
  1. College admission: A college has 100 freshman seats available and 500 applicants. Explain how they determine who to admit. Can you find the College of Staten Island's (CSI) admission requirements?
  2. Employment: You need a part-time job while you go to college. You found a job online that you are interested in. What do you need to submit in hopes of getting an interview?
  3. Job Ad: Find a job ad for a receptionist in the NYC area. Copy and paste the link. Describe the ad and how you find it.
  4. Interviews: You work for a company that needs to fill a position for a medical receptionist such as this. You placed an ad online that looks like this. You get 100 resumes. You don't have time to interview 100 people. You only have time to interview 5. Describe what you will look for in the resume to determine which 5 to choose.
  5. Employment: You got the interview. Create a list of things you will be judged on to get hired for the job.
  6. List what you can do now to improve your chances for college admission.
  7. List what you can do now to improve your chances of getting a job interview for any job you apply for.
  8. List what you can do now in your education to improve your interview skills.