Aim: What are the applications of a survey?

Do Now:
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Survey Project Pre-Exercise


Define: Survey -

Reasons for Conducting Survey
Google: "why survey?" & list 3 reasons why surveys are conducted below:
    1. reason 1
    2. reason 2
    3. reason 3

Methods of Conducting a Survey
List 3 methods of conducting a survey below:
  1. method 1
  2. method 2
  3. method 3

READ the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of surveys.
  1. List one advantage of a web survey -
  2. List one disadvantage of a web survey -

Imagine you worked for the UA Movie Theatre company as a top executive. You had to decide whether or not it would be profitable to build a new theatre in the St. George area of Staten Island. You need to find out how many times a month people in certain age groups who live on the north shore of Staten Island go to the movies.

Creating a Survey
List 2 required questions you would have on the survey you would conduct to help make the business decision described in BUSINESS CASE 1 above.

Analysis of Survey Data
Your survey revealed that the age group of 20-29 year old had the highest rate of frequenting the movies in a month. Ages 40 and above frequented the movies least often. Approximately 20% of the north shore of Staten Island's population is in the age group of 20-29 and 40% is 40 and older.
  1. Would you recommend opening this theatre in St. George? Explain your answer.