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Example of a excellent blog posts


1 - Post Title: What is a blog?
Note: ALL Blog Post Titles must have meaningful titles so a visitor knows what the post is about.
  • Write a few sentences on what you know about blogging. Do you have a blog? Do you follow anyone's blog? If so, state what you know. If you don't know what a blog is, find the definition and explain what a blog is in your own words. Use full sentences, spelling and grammar are important. Use the spell check tool.
  • Investigate blogs on a topic of interest. List the topic and the addresses of 2 blogs you found that you like and why you chose them.
  • For example: I like this blog about money management titled: Mr. Money Mustache. I like the authors approach to life and lifestyle choices:, maybe you have a favorite sports figure of reporter's blog that you follow.
  • Add an image of a blog icon.
2 - Post Title: Digital Footprint
  • Define "digital footprint". The importance of a positive digital footprint. Analyze your own current digital footprint and how you could improve it. (Google your name - what do you get?). List ways you can improve your digital footprint.
    Does it matter who you are associated with online? Describe how it might impact you.

3 - Add an RSS news feed link to your blog. An RSS news feed link automatically brings the latest news to you.

4 - Add a welcome podcast to your blog. A podcast is a pre-recorded audio file.

5 - Add Gadgets/Widgets to enhance your blog

6 - Post - What I learned this week
Minimum of four full sentences. Suggestions:
  • Discuss what did you learned in the last week. List at least three things.
  • Connect what you learned this week with your personal experience or what you already knew?
  • State how you might use this new knowledge.
  • State any obstacles that you encountered and how you overcame them.
  • If you found an exciting web site, graphics or multimedia, share them.
  • Add an image.
7 - Peer Commenting - Find two classmates to comment on your blog during the first two weeks of classes.

EXTRAS: Organizing your blog by adding labels and navigation - watch video

Blog Requirements - Blog Project Grading Rubric

  1. Minimum of 3 thoughtful posts
  2. Multimedia - text, graphics, videos, audio files
  3. Links to other web sites
  4. Get two classmates to read and comment on one of your postings and you comment on their postings
  5. Add an RSS Feed
  6. Add a Podcast
  7. Add a gadget of choice
  8. It must be well organized, visually pleasing and all text MUST be EASY TO READ.
Example of a student's work that has a good layout. Can you find grammar errors?

Blog Guide: